John Endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters

I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Orange County League of Conservation Voters.  The League wrote to me this past week and stated “We have endorsed your campaign based on your knowledge and experience with public policy, your appreciation of the importance of local leadership, and your level of dedication to conserving our environment.”    

John Helps in Saving Banning Ranch

Hundreds are here in front of the Coastal Commission to Save Banning Ranch!!! We hope they get it right!

John Addresses Top Issues At Mesa Verde Forum

I participated in the Mesa Verde Community City Council Forum and outlined my views on a number of important topics.  For a great summary of the entire event, check out A Bubbling Cauldron’s coverage.    Thanks to all the residents who attended!

John Endorsed by Costa Mesa Firefighters

I could not be more honored than to be endorsed by these American heroes who just put it all on the line to fight the Blue Cut Fire and who serve our community every day with skill and bravery. Thank you for your support!!!

John at Feet To The Fire Forum

Here is the “Feet To The Fire Fourm” held on August 18 in its entirety.  Thanks to moderators Tom Johnson and Barbara Venezia for an informative and enjoyable evening!